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Managed Print

Managed Print

NewPath assists districts in the area of managed print strategies. Let us help you provide your staff with efficient and reliable equipment while maximizing savings and services. NewPath can assist you in assessing what equipment needs you have, developing a comprehensive plan to maximize savings and provide upgraded equipment, and implement that plan through the RFP and bidding process.

Having Control in the Print Space

In today’s environment of budget reductions trying to find ways to meet all obligations, all while keeping the focus on and for the benefit of our children, districts have to explore ALL avenues and options. The term “managed print” has become an overused phrase by many copier and printer vendors over the past several years. The problem is that the “solutions” offered always come with a slant that lean toward that same vendor and/or “fit” the products they offer. In addition, most vendors are more concerned with moving quickly past the “assessment” phase and on to the “solution” and closing the deal. NewPath offers a truly objective assessment that represents ONLY what is in the best interest of the district.

Taking a proactive approach toward print management is not often an easy thing to do. Finding the right solution requires a collaborative approach within. Finding that solution without having to divulge information to any one vendor on the front end often is the biggest challenge. Outside influence by that vendor can create hurdles as the process moves forward.

NewPath provides a comprehensive and independent assessment that arms YOU with the information you need for empowerment that excludes involvement from any outside influence. NewPath brings a unique approach that is not tied to any vendor or manufacturer, but simply allows for a custom fit managed print scenario designed specifically for your needs and applications. NewPath leverages resources and core competencies along with many years of expertise to develop comprehensive programs for long-term control and proactive planning in the print management arena.

VOLUME and TIME are the two elements that are used by vendors to make the most profit from ANY contract they initiate. Leveraged properly these same two factors can be used to your advantage in obtaining the most aggressive RFP responses from vendors. Our assessment will allow you to maximize these savings in an effective manner while also putting in place any combination of new hardware, on-site professional services, remote monitoring, on-going fleet optimization, automated supply replenishment, asset management services, consolidated billing and a single point of contact for ease of administrating an implemented plan.

How Do You Begin the Process?

Before beginning the assessment process an initial consultation will be presented and a thorough discussion about how MPS works and how it benefits you. Any pain points such as workflow issues and applications will be identified during this discussion.

To begin the assessment process NewPath will perform a thorough “walk-thru” analysis that will determine device populations, locations and volumes combined with a total cost of ownership analysis. No corners will be cut. No external devices, discovery software, or flash drives will be implemented or connected to your network for this discovery.

We’ll identify key personnel within your company will be interviewed to determine how print devices are being acquired, deployed, and maintained. This includes identifying the associated costs with this current process. From this compiled information we will provide you with the following information:
NewPath’s print assessment process will not only result in savings, but also minimize the burden of the RFP process, lower administrative costs, eliminate the responsibility for district IT support for “break/fix” and eliminate asset management for printers and copiers.

| Reviewing existing contracts and methods
| Obsolete technology
| Under/over utilized devices
| High operation cost devices
| Waste/redundancy
| Low productive devices
| Devices not matched for applications
| Areas for costs reduction
| Areas for improved productivity
| An assessment of the current fleet situation
| An accurate “current spend” in the print space
| A mutually agreed “right-sizing” fleet design
| A delivery of recommendations for a bid
| Assistance in and/or writing of the bid
| Evaluation of the bid responses
| Recommendation for award
| Consult and follow the IFB or RFP process and implementation
| Involvement with proactive management of the print environment moving forward

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